In Lord’s Mightiness.

In Lord’s mightiness,

A student studies working hard to secure marks,

In Lord’s mightiness,

A mother gives birth to a baby.

In Lord’s mightiness,

Heritage structures were made which still command glory.

In Lord’s mightiness,

The sun goes around,

All the planets grow and fall.

In Lord’s mightiness,

Humans go about their daily life,

It is such intricacy which makes Lord,

The beloved,

The king

And the truest soul of all (Though not, but it is, yet it is not as no one believes it.)

As we pray, God starts singing,

With it the trees blossom in full,

Though it sways birds nests are kept in place.

The grass become quiet as they want to listen to the song.

He shows us the way and we get back our faith.

Ma cooks good food,

Baba remains serious about economic matters.

Though hard are the days,

His song gives us strength.

A pack of birds just flew away,

Now I can see that a bus is running in its full speed

And it is going to its destination and we are all for our destiny.


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