Happy World Music Day (Heureux Fete De La Musique).

Today,21st June 2018, is being celebrated as World Music Day.

The word music means happiness to my ears.

Music to me has come to me from my Ma. Everything that I know, I like about music, comes from ma.

The songs she sang to me, when she used to pat me gently on my forehead,trying to make me go to sleep, those songs created a deeper respect and fondness.

Music fills life and music is life itself. Without music, a human being is a like a dry desert and when he or she understands the subtlety that music is,that human being becomes like a smooth flowing sweet river.

Listening to music, understanding it and enjoying it, is one of God’s greatest gifts to human beings.

A nice music can soothe and heal a person, it can make an angry person calm down, it can give solace to a sad person, singing a song from the bottom of the heart, makes a way for the emotions and moods to flow in such a way, that for a human being, all the pain, sadness and unhappiness finds a good way to express itself in sweet and musical words and that person’s heart and mind becomes refreshed, as if he was born just yesterday.

Thank you all, for joining me on my post for the world music day and do enjoy this day, by listening to your favourite music, by singing your favourite songs and by creating the most wonderful music on earth.

N.B.-Music requires no introduction, it is placed in everyone’s heart by default and the person who cannot appreciate music of any kind, is the most unhappy person in all of the universes.


Heureux Fete de la musique.

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