Happy World Cartoonist Day

Cartoons always capture our imagination and take it to some other level, where we play and explore with them in many ways. For example- None of the mysteries which I used to find out in every nook and corner of our house, could be not solved without help from my friend Scooby-Doo. Without watching Tom and Jerry fight and quibble, my daily homework would not be completed. What I feel is that cartoons are a flamboyant part of our childhood and a healing and soothing part of our adulthood and they help us keep grounded during our teenage.At some point or the other we have always fantasized about being with our favourite cartoons and most of us have believed that they are a sovereign part of our daily life. Despite struggling daily with mathematics we all have never struggled to remember the daily timings of our best- loved cartoon TV shows. Most of us spend lot of time oohing and aahing our lovable cartoon characters, but we hardly bother to find out about their genesis.Where do they arise from? Have they been here since eternity.Well the answer is no. They arise from the mind of their creators-the cartoonists. Tintin is my favourite cartoon and my respect for Herge, the creator of Tintin is extremely high. Tintin ‘s books have helped me pass a happier time and it connects with my mother’s childhood where she had to wait every fortnight to read a single page of Tintin’s comics, as in those days they were published bi-monthly in a Bengali  magazine and before that it was a monthly edition print.

My salute and respect to every nice cartoonist, who spend their utmost time and precious moments of their life in creating the cartoon characters. Without cartoonists, cartoons wouldn’t have existed, therefore we all should give them their due credits.

The way a cartoonist looks at an object is simply impeccable. The way a man’s face twists, a dog’s ears twitch, a duck’s bill quacks and a small baby cries can only be seen in a comic way through a cartoonist’s eyes. They do a marvelous job of presenting a hypocritic world in a way, that laughter and a hint of relief is brought to a person.

I wish all the cartoonists in the whole world, a happy world cartoonist day. Thank you.

Be happy and read cartoons to keep yourself happy and prospering.