Father's day is a very special occasion for children to celebrate.

Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s day is a very special occasion for all of us.This day gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves, that how fortunate we all are to have our fathers, to love our fathers and this day gives us the subtle opportunity to spend a whole day with them and to buy them nice gifts. Fathers are the basis of our lives. For a child his or her father is their best friend,guide and the strong force, that makes them keep on going.

Holding a father’s finger a son or a daughter learns to take his or her first steps on this earth. Many children are inspired to follow their father’s footsteps and they also opt for their father’s vocation.

Most of us, take our fathers for granted. The warmth and protection that a mom gives, grows more and basks more in a father’s protection and cover.

In most of the cases, father is the bread earning member of the family.Due to that, they put more time at their work rather than being at home and this often leads to them missing their kids birthdays, family occasions,festivals, etc.No one likes to miss any family functions or their kid’s birthdays.This shows that how much fathers work hard to make all the happiness available for their family.

Many children when they grow up and have their own kids, reminiscence that while bringing them up, their dads would be the strictest person on earth. More strict than one’s physical education or physical training teacher. Dads are strict, because it is the protocol. But inside love for their kids grows ten times with each day passing.

Love your dads and be with them and stand by them forever.Never disrespect them.Always respect them with utmost regards and love.

I love my dad the most and wish you all a very happy father’s day.

Never ever forget that God Almighty is the biggest father off all.

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