Happy Birthday Dearest Lord Of The Universe.

close up photo of christmas gift
pink gift box around scattered petals

To the dearest Lord Of The Universe,

From his children,

Wish you many many many many happy returns of the day and wish you a very happy birthday.

For the eternity is forever indebted to you.So is the past, present and future.

In your light we live, so does the illusion. Though they consider themselves great but in reality illusion is nothing but a mere spectacle yet it seems much big.

Illusion and its goodies are the paradox to the existence to the Lord.

So dearest Baba be very happy today and keep on smiling, never let your guard down, be healthy, eat nutritious food but nevertheless don’t forget the so called junk food for when darkness tries to show its might, junk helps keep it at bay.

Baba be very happy and wish you a very very happy birthday. In time there shall be a big gift waiting for you.


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