Ganache is better save me from a riduculous salad.

Ganache- The Salad Saviour.

“God, please, help me finish this bitter salad”. Few days back ma and me, we both went to a restaurant quite near our home.There while having a three course meal, we both ordered for two different salads.

It was the first time, that I was having that salad.Our salads came first, to be followed by the other food items. As I stated above, Ma’s salad was different from mine. So we both started having our respective salads. Ma’s salad was a cool and sweet one, while mine was an extremely bitter and tangy one.I simply couldn’t bear to have it after having two spoonfulls.

Immediately, I notified the captain of the restaurant, that the salad was not upto my expectations. He told me that, the salad which I had selected was made in that way only and nothing could be done about it. I told him, that it was alright and I pushed my salad aside.Few minutes later, he came back and said to me-“Sir, would like some warm chocolate sauce over it? That would make it more palatable.”

After much deliberation , I said yes to him and he poured the warm chocolate syrup over the lettuce leaves in the salad.

Believe it or not, the salad was much more palatable than before.

I called the captain later to my table and asked him -“The chocolate sauce, that you poured over my salad was it ganache?”

He replied -“I don’t know what that is sir, but let me ask the chef”.

He went inside the kitchen and with him, the chef came out and they came over to my table.

I asked the chef that whether the chocolate sauce was ganache or not?

He replied-“Yes, sir. It is indeed ganache”.

I had heard about ganache before, but hadn’t tasted a one that had been freshly made and I got to have it while it was still a bit hot, so it completely changed my outlook towards that salad and towards chocolate sauces as well.Before this incident, I used to be a little skeptical towards chocolate sauces or syrups,for that matter.But now that perception has completely changed.

From that day,ganache is one of my favourite food items.

There is an another tale with ganache which I shall relate to you sooner or later.

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