Fried Margosa (Neem) With Steamed Rice

The scientific name of margosa/neem is Azadirachta indica.My mother has a recipe for margosa (neem) with steamed rice.She says that by having this dish, all the bacteria, microbes and worm in my mouth, stomach and intestine will be diminished and exterminated. But I don’t like it at all.The taste of the dish is so and so and so and so very bitter that my mouth keeps on ringing bwaaaaahh, bwaaaahh and I need to rinse it after a gulp of it, but ma doesn’t allow it.Instead she asks me to gulp down a bit of water after each morsel and that makes the bitter taste go away.This recipe works very well for fever(just imagine that you have fever and you have to eat neem leaves to cure it, waaaa, it is a scene straight out of Nanny McPhee), diarrhea and other bacterial diseses.

For this recipe you will need:-

1.Fresh neem/margosa leaves.

2.Steamed rice

3.Original ghee or desi ghee

4.A pinch of salt.

First fry the neem leaves in cooking oil or ghee.Then take a plate, serve steamed rice on it and then add the ghee, the salt and at last add the fried margosa/ neem leaves and mix it well and serve.You will definitely enjoy this than any fever.

Neem leaves if you fry with cut brinjals, it is called neem-begun in Bengali.

Atlast I asked my mother that,ma can you cook pasta with neem?No! was the reply.