Fitness Tracker- New Charm of Fitness Routine.

The fitness tracker is the new development in the world of fitness.

Fitness trackers are the new fave. One out of three hands, have a fitness tracker, instead of a watch now a days.

These fitness trackers promise a lot of things. The biggest promise that they indirectly and subtly make, is to push you for your daily exercise,by giving you constant reminders, otherwise that costly fitness tracker will keep a watch on it’s own battery health, rather than your fitness and will look good on the backdrop of selfies.

Some of them come with the option of playing music , so that you don’t have to carry your iPods or mp3 players.

It maintains the regular history of your heart rate, heart beats and the number of steps that you have jogged, walked and even danced.

You can set a limit till which you would exercise.For example-You decide that you would jog five thousand ,a day. Your fitness tracker can help you with keeping up that count.

It is a multi tasker.It plays songs, keeps track of your sleep and sleep patterns, continuously monitors your heart’s overall functioning and it is a God sent gift to all the fitness freaks,who can be now even more fitness conscious and eat less than two breads a day, that the fitness tracker can even receive calls and sms, while you are shedding those extra five kilos, that you gained on your recent summer vacation. It is good for the bosses and their employees also.Neither of them can deny that they didn’t have their phone with them, while they were working out.

Fitness trackers are extremely handy and they can nearly do everything except that neither they can’t help you watch on T.V. and nor can they help you,play your favourite electronic game.

I don’t know whether everyone should buy a fitness tracker or not.But I do know one thing ,that, to buy a fitness tracker, a person must have the inclination to remain fit and it is primary, that a person remains fit, for himself rather than for the world or the fitness tracker, because, if he is true to himself then only he will be fit. Otherwise, all would simply be an mechanical exercise.

N.B.- I rather forgot one thing. Fitness tracker also keeps the time.Ha ha ha!

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