Fantasy Series-A Toy Train In Fairyland.

A toy train in fairyland forgot that it had an engine.The train was stationed in a yard and suddenly the train started going backwards.

Three pixies were sleeping in the engine room and seeing the train go backwards they started screaming.

But nobody could hear them and before were able to do anything, the train started picking up speed.

Now the station master who was an elephant wizard, was alerted that the train was going backwards. He took out his wand and said some magic words and the train stopped immediately. A whole team of fairies went and spoke to the train.They found the train dozing.

When awakened by vigorous tapping the train said-“I was sleeping in the yard and I felt that I was all alone.So I started going towards the station.When the train stopped, I fell asleep.”

The pixies who were still pulling their pants up said-“Were sleeping peacefully in the engine and you gave us a big jolt.”

The fairy team-“Didn’t you see the engine?”

The train had nearly fallen asleep and with a jolt woke up and said-“Nope and I am still feeling sleepy and it started snoring again.”

In the final report the fairy team wrote-“The engine and the train are a sleepy lot.They should be given a few days rest.”

The train and the engine were given ten days off time. The train went to Macau and the engine to Paris.

When they came back they were happier and in spirits of doing good work.


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