“What the hell was that? Are you kidding me? Two double king size burgers! I hadn’t ordered this.Where is my order?”. This was me speaking with the person who had taken my order at a nearby restaurant.

A new outlet has opened up near our home, a few years back and they served nearly all sorts of American cuisine and Italian cuisines.

So, out of my love for good and nice sizzling burgers, I ordered for two burgers, but for their promotion, they told me that-” sir just add hundred rupees to your order and you you would get two big burgers free”. So, I agreed.

What happens is that after having one burger, sometimes I don’t feel fully satiated and when they said that for a hundred rupees you would get two big burgers free, I readily agreed.

But when my order came, there were only two burgers which were double king sized and the burgers which I ordered for,were not there.Each one was the size of a two-storey bungalow. I couldn’t hold the burger box in between my thumbs and my index finger.

The delivery boy told me that, the burgers which I had ordered were out of stock, as there were some problems with the patties, so they had deducted seventy five rupees from the bill and they would give me a thirty percent discount on my next order and they had given me a mini can of cold drinks to show their apology.

That mini can of cold drinks was over before I could say A,B and C.Poof like that.It simply got over.

Then we (ma and me), sat down to have our lunch, and we opened the burger boxes and we were shocked to see that burgers were so magnanimous and huge that they could easily be converted into a doll’s house, with a balcony and a swimming pool.

Ma said-“I can’t have this.I will only have the top most tier of the burger and you can decide what to do with the rest.”

I said-“Ma, a burger this huge could be breakfast, lunch and dinner all together. I don’t  think that I will eat more than half of this burger.”

We started to eat it. As expected, as soon as we tried to pick up the burger, the burger crumbled down like a pack of cards and tomatoes, lettuce leaves, onions, chicken patties were all scattered here and there inside the box.

That’s when I called them up. A lunch is supposed to be an important meal of the day.It is not a matter of joke.

They said-“Sir we are sorry. This won’t happen again.”

I replied-“It’s okay, but please make sure, that the next time I must get the order that I have ordered for or I won’t accept that order.”

As you would have guessed by now, I have never ordered from that place again.

Ma asked me keep the uneaten burgers in the fridge and in the evening, she made sandwiches for me from those lettuce leaves, onions, tomatoes,chicken patties and she added a few ingredients of her own.

It is not good to waste food.

Atleast our evening snack was better than our lunch.

Be happy and never waste food, even if they are larger than double king sized bedsheets.

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