Daydreaming is an art. How good is your daydreaming, it depends on you.

Suppose, you are in school and a monotonous and drilling lecture of mathematics is going on, then you are bound to drool after listening to the lecture for about twenty five minutes and for the rest of the fifteen, you can nicely daydream that you are at home, sleeping with your cozy blanket pulled over you,unless the teacher catches and then you have to explain to your parents that why were you drooling and daydreaming while the important mathematics lecture was going on.

Some daydream while watching movies in the cinema hall or theaters. Daydreaming generally happens, when the movie is boring or mediocre.It also happens when one part of the movie is good and the other part is badly made.

Many a times a movie watcher starts daydreaming that he is the hero of the film and he does everything that a hero does in a movie and when the film ends, he wakes up shakily and feels disoriented or confused.

Writers, be they song writers, book writers or blog writers; they daydream a lot.

Daydreaming is a professional hazard for them.

Suppose a book writer has got an brilliant idea about an novel and he mentally starts thinking about it and even jots down a few points and then he suddenly thinks that-“Er, what was the score last night?Did team A win or team B?” His thinking then converts into a more fascinating daydreaming activity and in his mild dreams, he sees his favourite player score ten goals in the whole match and he wakes up from God knows which land, he then scratches his head and the good idea about the novel which he had, has already gone out of his mind.

Big head honchos are often seen daydreaming during meetings, but alas! we don’t know what they were dreaming and where they were dreaming.

People who are without any work, when they go and sit in the park, often do their best daydreaming while sitting at that park bench.

Often cart pullers are seen daydreaming, while they wait for customers.Their dozing off is understated.

Children are the best daydreamers. They daydream to such an extent, that one week they are doctors, next week they are pilots and the following month they solemnly declare to their mothers-“I will become a gardener when I grow up” or “I will become a painter and I will paint the most beautiful pictures.”

So, daydream happily and merrily.