Daily Commuters.

Daily commuters,

Travelling by train, bus, car and even bicycle.

Many sufferings are entailed,

Many hardships undergone.

Sweat, jam packed transportations,

Heavy traffic and uncertainty.

But daily commutership has its own happiness.

You can buy food from the streets,

Breathe in life,

See the various happenings all around.

A late bus or train,

Means a ten to fifteen minutes delay.

That is nothing.

Sometimes even there isn’t a inch’s space to stand,

Yet more and more people get into a crowded bus or train.

Few even claim daily commutership in aeroplanes.

In truth that does not happen.

Except in very few cases.

Reaching home in time is paramount.

Sometimes that causes a few troubles,

For the evening tea must be had with family.


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