Curacao Mocktail La Ice Cream

A big mocktail glass with a sleek bottom and a long spoon is the foremost important items to have.

The rest is easy.

In that tall mocktail glass,

1.Add four large cubes of ice.

2.Then add five ounces of curacao blue syrup.

3.Add one ounce of sparkling water (distilled cold water).

Then give it a stir.Taste it.If it is bitter, then add a bit of sugar syrup.

After that add two big scoops of vanilla ice cream in the glass.Make sure that the mocktail shouldn’t come out of the glass.The ice cream and the drink should well balanced and they must compliment each other.

Add a cherry on top of it.

Place a slice of orange on the side of the glass

Voila, your Curacao mocktail La ice cream is ready.

Serve it or eat it.

Enjoy your food and be happy.