Credible and Incredible

Credible and Incredible are two contradictory words, which manifest in our life every now and then.

Incredible is often mistaken with superheroism, but it isn’t the reality. Incredible in general means- anything which cannot be believed. “You are an incredible person”- is one of the most used lingua in our daily life, but that doesn’t mean that the person on the receiving end is nothing less than a super hero. It means that the person is lying through his teeth or can’t stand upto his word.

Credible is a word which carries respect and is always looked for and searched about. People often say -“Is that institution credible? Is that bank credible?”. Credible means being able to keep up good trust.Credibility is a huge responsibility which many people often fail to upkeep. Having good credibility in any industry and market helps a person keep up his good repute.Credibility is not built overnight, it grows slowly with time and events. Being credible is the most important ability and quality that a man should have to be stable and grounded.


It is funny how words make people believe false things .For example-“He is an credible guy”-that means that person is reasonably reliable, not that he will give you monetary credit and “I can’t believe that you just did that.You are an incredibly senseless guy’.That probably means that the other person is a cheat or a dumbhead.