Coriander-The Wonder Herb

Coriander is a green leafy herb with minute leaves. It’s paste as a chutney is so tasty that many chefs keep on tasting it while they are cooking. As cooking is an art which is gifted and divined by God Almighty, so is coriander. It is known as “Cilantro” in the North American continent i.e. The United States of America and Canada. In India we famously and locally call it “Dhania”. It is sold a bunch for ten rupees. In other countries it’s price varies according to the local market.
Coriander is such a food ingredient that without it nearly all Indian and Asian dishes are incomplete. You simply name it; whether it is soups or lentils or any vegetarian or non vegetarian preparation,coriander is a must.
For eg:- Take any chicken soup preparation. You will find that the chicken in the soup is tasting a bit like raw chicken. It is a standard issue with chicken soups. Just add a few coriander leaves or two tablespoons of coriander chutney and the taste of the soup will simply be brilliant. South Indians and South Indian dishes are simply non-existent without coriander.
Roasted coriander seeds are also used in many preparations.
Coriander powder or dhania powder is a major spice, which is added in majority of the Indian dishes.
Many celebrated chefs use coriander for garnishing most of the main course food dishes as garnishing any dish with coriander, whether that dish is simple or not, makes the dish look marvelous. It is handy, quick to use and easily available.
Even when a person is sad, he or she can simply tear apart some coriander leaves and have it and his or her mood will be uplifted or God forbid otherwise, their whole day would be spoiled, as some coriander leaves do have dirt in them and having dirt in one’s mouth is not an experience that many would love except maybe kids, who despite their parents telling them no eat dirt, eat it with relish, as if it is the greatest candy in the world.
Coriander is truly a wonder herb. It has many uses,it is wonderful and it has ability and capacity to make the common happy as it’s price doesn’t ever rise or soar over one’s head and budget.
Love coriander. Eat coriander. Live Happy.

Eat Light.
Be Happy.

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