“Mom, can I have one more lollipop?”says the son.Mother says-“No, you can’t have one more or your stomach will ache”. Son-“but, mom, I want one” ,and on goes the repertoire of contradictions.

Contradiction is best defined as the clash of the opposites.

What does it mean to contradict? Does it mean that the person on one side is completely, fully and the only one who is right? Or the other person, who is deemed as wrong or incorrect, also has a valid point?Contradiction often happens when one, two or more people or group of people, don’t agree with each other.

.Contradicting each other, since time infinite has been the nature of human beings. It is one of the best things, that humans can do. Sometimes we contradict with our self.

For example- a person says tomorrow, I will watch the movie “A”. He or she goes to buy the ticket and ends up buying the ticket for the movie “B”.

It even happens in the cases of most sacred harmony, i.e. marriage.

Quite often it has been seen that a man or woman intends or decides to marry a person, but again ends marrying another person.

The world is contradictory. Without contradiction, a student and a professor can’t have a healthy teacher – student relationship.

If contradictions didn’t exist, then, all the bosses on earth, would have been the sweetest, loveliest, cutest, gift from God to mankind.But on the “contrary” bosses, are the beings, who are hated the most in offices.

There is contradiction, in even wearing clothes.For example- “should I wear these clothes or those? Let me decide”. By the time, one comes at a decision, especially girls, the plane has flown from the airport and is about to land at the destination airport.

While planning holidays, family members contradict each other a lot. “We shall go to America for the vacation.No, we shall go to New Zealand for vacation.No, to Singapore we shall go, no,no we shall go to Asia for our vacation”.

The result of such contradictions always end in two ways.

1. The family, finally spends it vacation roaming about in the nearest supermarket.

2.By the time they make up their minds to visit a foreign destination, the summer vacation is already over and it is time for the kids to attend their schools and the adults need to go to office.

People often waste time, money and space contradicting.

Wasting space by contradiction.

In an office, new furniture have to be placed.Simply for the greed of getting a better cubicle/ table/chair, they end up contradicting each other very badly and the furniture remains disarranged and a lot of office space is wasted.

Room mates often contradict each other about the need and use of furniture and fret over silly things and also waste necessary space by either keeping furniture at all or by having a room full of furniture.

It’s alright to contradict.Contradicting each and every thing is a very bad habit, which often leads to one’s downfall.

Therefore, be careful while contradicting someone.It is better to be wrong than being the contradicting one.