Chocolate with crushed almond smoothie

Its really fun in making this drink.So if you have time and brain neurons worth spending, then lets make this smoothie and by the way this recipe is my recipe.

For this smoothie, you will need the following:-

1.Four ounces of chocolate syrup(Maybe Hershey’s.They have nice chocolate syrup).

2.One small bar of chocolate.

3.Three scoops of chocolate ice cream.

4.Crushed ice or four medium sized cubes.

5.Vanilla Ice cream.

6.Four ounces of fresh cream.

7.Crushed almonds.

To make this smoothie, take a mixer and into it add four ounces of chocolate syrup then add three scoops of chocolate ice cream and four scoops of vanilla ice cream  and break the chocolate bar into the mixer and add four cubes of ice.After that add two ounces of fresh cream.Then mix it very well.When it becomes thicker and bit frothy,know that your smoothie is ready.Smoothies are generally quite thick, so make sure that it is proportionate.

Add crushed ice or two big ice cubes in a glass, pour the smoothie into in and stir it a bit with a spoon or straw.

I suppose that all is good ,then add crushed almonds with two layers of fresh cream on the top of the smoothie to garnish it and the whole drink looks simply wonderful.

Then either serve it or drink it and enjoy it.

Be happy.