Canadian Maple Syrup.

Yesterday, we went to a mall.In there a gourmet shop has opened up recently.

So, with a good amount of curiosity and with a pinch of simplicity, Ma and me we both entered the shop.

Inside, that shop there were many new items, which I had not seen before. Some were from Australia, some from Germany; like this there were many imported and assorted items.

After touring the grocery and frozen foods section, we went to the bakery and confectionery section.

Soon, a salesman came and offered us a product of his company, which they were selling at fifty percent discount from the market rate and while we were talking with him, my eyes fell on the top most shelf.

On the top most shelf,there were three big bottles of original Canadian maple syrup, of three different companies. I was simply overjoyed. Few days ago I had written a post named-Banana pie with Maple Syrup.

So,I was looking for them, for sometime now. As soon as I would get my hands on those, we would go home, make those soft and nice banana pies and over it drizzle a good amount of Canadian maple syrup.So I immediately showed Ma those bottles and I asked for one of those and Ma readily agreed to buy them.

So, I called the shop salesman and asked him to fetch down the bottle of the maple syrup, as it was kept on a very high shelf.As soon as I said this to him, he says -” sir, I am sorry.The stool which we have is not long enough for me to reach the shelf.”

Then I asked him-“Then how come are they kept so high?”.

He replied-“Sir, once a week, when the suppliers come to refill their stock,they themselves keep them and arrange them high up, as they bring a step ladder with them. Last time, they only had three bottles of Canadian maple syrup with them, so they arranged them higher up, so that the products which they had in larger quantities, could be arranged below.”

Me-” How am I supposed buy the syrup then?”

Salesman-“You can place an order at the counter and within the next four to five days, you will be able to get.”

Me and Ma we both looked at each other and nodding our heads, we came out of the shop.

I had truly hoped that they would have a spare bottle of maple syrup here and there; but they didn’t.

Maybe next time when we visit that store, we will be able to get it.