Butterfly Pigmentation.

Pigmentation in butterflies is a beautiful feature.

The pigmentation happens as an occurance to the daily life of the buttetfles.

Their method of living encompasses the pigmentation and

When time comes the pigmentations work as a way of signalling.

They signal for warning,

For help,

For attracting their mates.

We see various colours and designs on the butterflies and become surprised, happy and excited to see them.

They too affect our lives.

As children most of us have been attracted by butterflies.

A butterfly on a plant would give us extreme happiness and to look at its colour would be the main inspiration behind it.

Now few collect butterflies,

Few keep them as souveneirs.

Few show them to various societies and

Few catch butterflies for it is their profession.

Butterflies look good on plants.

They teach us about colours and

Most of all they give us happiness.


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