Nachos make a lively snack, especially in the evening.Here is a small style of eating it.

“Burping” Mexican Nachos with Mustard Cheese Dip.

Buy two packets of green chilly Mexican Nachos and buy a mustard cheese dip bottle.

Chop two onions and tomatoes nicely.The chopped pieces should be small.

On all those nachos, add one layer of chopped onion and one layer of chopped tomato.

Now,hold the nachos steady with it’s garnishing nicely done, so that the onion and the tomato doesn’t fall off and they must not topple off. Dip it into the mustard cheese dip and after dipping it, when you will eat the nachos, you will definitely feel and see that your day is alive.

Before dipping it, in the cheese dip, you can add a bit of sweet and hot sauce over the nachos.It is preferred to garnish all the nachos first, then arrange them in a plate and then have them one by one, by dipping them into the mustard cheese dip.Then, the adding of the sweet and hot sauce can also be done easily.

Have a glass of cold water nearby, as there is not a single person on earth, who can stop after eating a few nachos. So , it will get hot and that cold glass of water will quench the heat from the nachos.

Mexican foods are generally hot, so the burps are bound to burp.

This nachos preparation is extremely delightful and tasty to eat and hotter the nachos, the bigger will be the burp.

So, Happy Burping!.

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