Bienvenido. It is a Spanish word.What does it mean? It primarily means, welcome and it translates into “welcome”.

Welcome is the first and foremost gesture towards any guest.

In any good restaurant, it has become a trend and a rule, to have a staff member stationed at the restaurant door, to extend a warm and gracious welcome towards the guests.

The more gracious your welcome, the more merrier time the guest would have at your home/restaurant/office, etc.

In India, we welcome our guests with our left and right palms brought together.This is known as namaste.

When you land at any port in Spain, the officials and the people of the city, would say,”Hola! Bienvenido”.

Taxi drivers, when they drive their passengers from international airports and railway stations to their destinations, often while describing or telling them about the city, they say to their passengers-“welcome to my city” and the passengers often smile in response.

When you enter any big or branded institution or organization, they will say ” welcome to my office”.

“Welcome, welcome to our establishment and welcome to ….”, are the most simple, common and both formal and informal ways to greet anyone.



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