Bhelpuri Eating of Two Grandchildren With Their Grandfather

Bhelpuri Outings Of Two Grandchildren With Their Grandfather.

Two grandchildren were walking down a busy lane with their grandfather.They were nearly aged about three and four years.

The elder one got a bit lost about while walking but then his grandfather took hold of his hand very firmly.

Then they went to the nearby bhelpuri and panipuri stall and the old grandfather sat on a chair to rest his tired legs. They placed their order and the three of them soon sat down to have their bhelpuri.

It was a beautiful sight. The old grandfather feeding his two grandchildren was so beautiful that anyone would simply go-“Awee, so cute.”

When they finished eating the grandfather cleaned their face and at last the grandfather said to the bhelpuri wala-“Kripaya mujhe ek plate pani puri dena” it means that please give me a plate of panipuri.

It seems that the grandfather’s hunger was not yet appeased and it was a truly marvellous, beautiful sight to watch.

“Bhai zara do phau puri dena!”


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