Banana pie with Maple Syrup.

That is what we had for for dinner yesterday. A big and famous bakery is there near our home and they are very famous world wide. They keep on experimenting with new food items and yesterday they had banana pie on sale.

Banana pie, to get it ready made is very rare.Rarer than the blue moon, but this bakery keeps on making different banana items.

As, we were passing that bakery’s counter, we spotted the huge banana pie on the display shelf.

To tell you the truth, the pie was really attractive and under the golden light, it was shining more brightly.

So, faster than the speed of light, I went to the counter and bought us two banana pies.

They asked me whether it was take away? I replied to them-“No, we would have it here”.

Fast enough, they quickly microwaved it for a minute and served us the banana pies.

After serving it, they told us to hold on for a minute, as they were getting something else for us.

  • We were kept waiting for about two minutes and we kept looking at the waiter, who had asked us to wait and we kept looking at our pies with our big greedy eyes, as big as the new moon.We were really and truly very hungry.

After two and a half minute, believe it or not, they brought us a big jar of Canadian maple syrup for us and told us -“It’s complimentary”.

I can’t tell you all, how nice the banana pie tasted and after adding the maple syrup over it, the pie simply melted in our mouths and we kept digging and eating until the last crumb was deep inside our stomach and resting there peacefully and contentedly .

After that, I left out a large and magnanimous belch. We wanted to have coffee after it, but decided against it.

The taste and smell of the banana pie and the maple syrup is something, which I wanted to keep with me till I was sleeping and having sweet and good dreams.

It is rare for such banana pies to made.Kudos and cheers to the chefs and makers of such beautiful and understated pie.

It felt like the pie, which comes out of Ma’s oven and even Ma felt it too.My Ma is the greatest cook in the universe and her Ma is the super greatest cook in all the universes.  Beyond that no other chefs exist.

Have banana pie with maple syrup and if you like it, then don’t forget to belch either loudly or politely.

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