Avoiding the “big” glass of milk.

The glass of milk is an universally avoided food item.Give it to small children, whether a little girl or a boy. They will simply run away from it. Adults are even more super conscious about milk. If they even see a glass of milk, they will simply edge away from it. One look at the glass of milk and vamos,off they go to their schools,colleges and offices.Bye, ta ta, see you. That’s the universal motto when someone sees a glass of milk.

A breakfast table in the morning consists of three glasses of milk and three plates of bread butter toast. The family sits down to have the breakfast and in most of the cases you will find that two glasses of milk are nearly full, one glass is empty and the three plates of bread butter toast are also empty and those two nearly full glasses belongs to the kid and his/her  father.

There is no bounds about who likes milk or who doesn’t like it.But with hundred percent assurance,I can say that children nearly above the age of seven or eight years try to avoid milk as much as possible.I still avoid milk as much as possible. As soon as Ma mentions the word milk, I tell her that my stomach is completely full.

A man who comes home after working tirelessly in his work, the moment he freshens up, he will tell his wife, that give me some evening snacks. With that evening snacks if a glass of milk is given to him, then he will simply gobble up the food or the snacks and when questioned by his wife about the not empty,full glass of milk, he will reply-“no no, not now,I will have it tomorrow morning.Having milk in the evening gives me acidity.”

The snacks which he hungrily gobbled up will not give him any acidity at all, but a plain glass of milk will. Such an irony.

At last, I would like to say that have a big glass of milk regularly.

N.B.- I haven’t started drinking a big glass of milk regularly, but do hope so, that with strength, determination and confidence,I would solemnly be able to do so.