An Apple, A Pie And God.

An apple, on a tree awaited a bird who would bring some news to it.

The bird brought a piece of the pie and kept it beside the apple.

The apple had a worm in it.

On seeing the pie, the worm wriggled out to have the pie.

In the meantime, God was passing through in hope of some new thoughts, days and brilliance.

He saw all that was happening and took the apple, the pie and the worm to heaven.

The worm was squirming the whole way but the pie was very happy.

It had been saved from being eaten. The apple wanted to grow and kept praying to God to make him more stronger.

God upon reaching heaven, showed them their new residences.

The worm was still squirming but when it reached its new residence it was extremely happy.

The apple got bigger and bigger and had to roll about to go to any place, but it didn’t mind.

The pie was permanently saved in God’s fridge and it too was very happy.


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