Ah!The Beautifully Made Pie.

Ah!The pie has been cooking in the oven for the last ten minutes or so and I have been asking Ma about the apple pie that she has been cooking.

Ma said ” Wait for five more minutes and I will give you the pie to eat.”

I sat down on the chair waiting for the pie and when Ma brought the pie, I couldn’t believe.my eyes.

There was a sizzling hot golden crusted pie right infront of my eyes.

I hugged Ma and asked Ma ” Would you be making more pies for me? , then please make three more pies for me, as I would like to have them while playing around the house.

Ma laughed and said -” Yes, but you shall not make a mess.”

I made a solemn promise to Ma that I wouldn’t.

The pie was really made beautifully by Ma and was truly excellent to eat.


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