Aamras Gola (Mango Snow Cone)

In this unbearable,hot and super hot summer season aamras gola is a cool snow cone refreshment, which sets your taste buds dancing with relief and one who sips the aamras feels that the life force is coming back into him and life itself has some meaning in this scintillating summer time .

To make a mean aamras gola i.e. (mango snow cone refreshment),take mangoes of the highest quality.You can take either Alphonso or Hapoos or any variety of mango.Just make sure that it is sweet and fresh. Take four-five mangoes and then peel off the mango skin and remove the mango seeds. Put all the mango flesh into the mixer.When it turns into juice,turn off the mixer. Then taking the mango juice in a bowl and some crushed ice into it and blend it nicely with a ice blender or a plain blender.This tends to smooth out the mango juice. Taste it and if it tastes a bit less sweet, then you can add two to three drops of sugar syrup.
Then keep the mango juice in the freezer for about twenty minutes.

Please note the following part-
As soon as you have made the mango juice and have kept it in the freezer, immediately start making the snow cone. In all it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes.You need to make a snow cone. There are many ways to do so. There are a lot of snow cone makers available in the market and there are homemade techniques to make snow cone also.In my previous post, I have written about it and that how it can be made.You can find it here-.

After making the snow cone, insert a wooden ice cream stick in it, so that the snow cone holds itself together and place it upside down in a mug or glass. Then take out the mango juice from the freezer and pour it slowly over the upside down snow cone.When you see that the snow cone is completely drenched in mango juice or aamras, then you can know for sure that your mango snow cone is ready. Have it and enjoy your summer.

Eat light.

Be happy.