A letter on a popular social media site- Can you sing a song nicely?

I received a letter in my account on a popular social media site. It was from an old friend. I hadn’t like the tune of a song and he was upset with me. I did my best to make him understand my view , but he cut off all his relations with me. For him that song was more like his favourite football team and there it ended. This had happened long back. We both had nearly forgotten about each other and suddenly, out of the blue, he posts a letter to me on social media site and it contained three lines –

Can you sing a song nicely?,

Your old friend,


I was baffled and I didn’t know what to reply. I left it there.

After thirty minutes there was another message from him, stating that he had become a successful music director and was creating more indie songs than the commercial ones and he was interested to know,if I would sing a jingle for his production.


music director

I politely declined.

He replied-” I knew it, so I had the jingle recorded by a famous new comer,boo-boo and boo and go to hell.”

I didn’t reply.

I still don’t understand where was the need to contact me, if he had already recorded the jingle.

Sometimes tunes are more important than true friends.

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