A Happy Day.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When you are happy,

You spread love.

A happy day,

Does that.

When you are happy,

You do your best to be the best.

That’s what a happy day means.

Learn Something New.

Two Children Playing Cricket.


3 thoughts on “A Happy Day.”

  1. Seeing children play at anything is the greatest balm for life. Even if there is sometimes a prankish wickedness in their play!

    Thank you for this heartfelt reminder in these…days of ours.

    1. Thanking you for this comment.It is truly beautiful and it made me remember something from my past which I had forgotten. Being a child is the greatest gift of life.

      1. Being a child, and that there are children, are gifts that populate our earth with innocence and freshness. This focus between us here has me think of the film and the book Children of Men. Perhaps the greatest devastation of the story is exactly that there are no children in the dystopia, because the presence of a child can be a crack in the wall.

        I hope your day shines.

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