A Happy Cabbage.

Few days back I bought a cabbage and kept it on the dining table. After two hours or three hours, Ma asked me for it, as she was going to cut it and cook it.The moment I went to pick it up, I saw the cabbage smiling. I was very surprised and taken aback and in shock I sat down thumpingly on the sofa. Looked again at the cabbage from a different angle and was relieved to see that it was looking like a regular cabbage. So,I got up to get it and again I saw that cabbage was smiling.This time I smiled back and the cabbage was still smiling. I turned my head to my right and with a sudden jerky motion I looked at the cabbage and I found that it was not smiling. After a few minutes I saw it again and it was smiling then. Now I was in a fix, wondering what to do?

Ma was busy preparing the meal, so she hadn’t noticed that I hadn’t brought the cabbage to her. Ma came into the dining room and took the cabbage and the salt shaker with her. I was roaming about here and there and when I saw that Ma was about to cut the cabbage, I rushed to her and told her-“Ma, don’t cut the cabbage.It is a smiling cabbage”.

Ma said-“What did you say?”

I replied-“Ma, I was about to bring you the cabbage, but I saw that it was smiling.”

Ma-“Son, I need this cabbage for cooking the lunch.”

I-“Ma, what will happen to it’s happiness, that it was spreading?”

Ma-“Don’t worry son.I will ask the cabbage to spread it’s happiness into the cabbage dish.”

I believed Ma’s words, for they are like a guideline and took a look at the cabbage one more time and it was not smiling.It simply waited on my mother’s chopping board, waiting to be cut up, like the other vegetables.

I ate the cabbage dish and it did taste marvelous, but it was not due to the smiling cabbage, it was because Ma had cooked it.

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