A Golden Day

Once during summer vacation, we went to the zoo in Kolkata. The zoo is simply marvellous. We had a picnic basket with us and there were sandwiches, wrapped up burgers, cold drinks (which were cold due to being in the cool box in the car).

We had left our home, early in the morning, so that by ten o’ clock we would arrive at the zoo.That morning, I hadn’t had my breakfast properly, as I was too excited about visiting the zoo. The zoo seemed a long way from home and it truly was. It was nearly twenty kilometers from home and during the ride from home to zoo,I felt like a traveller travelling a big journey by the car. I played the car music, a bit loudly and I kept changing the playlists.Twenty kilometers in heavy traffic is a long distance, so by the time we reached the zoo,we had listened to about forty songs.

Then we arrived at the zoo and there was a huge gate at the front.

At the entrance, we had to buy the tickets and then we entered the zoo. The moment we entered the zoo, the scenery transformed into a beautiful view.

There were hanging and long flower shrubs arranged in decorative manner and the whole zoo was decorated with flowers. It looked really nice.

We visited the chimpanzee enclosure, where the chimpanzee was a bit far away eating bananas.

Then we visited the tiger and the lion enclosure, where the lion had such a face, like he was saying-“How dare you all come here?” The tiger was simply roaming about going left and right.

After that we saw the monkeys and visited the bird area.

Visiting the bird area was a wonderful experience.There were many colourful birds. One bird had a yellow colour head and there was an another bird who had violet wings.

A green and yellow colour parrot was ruffling her feathers.

A cockatoo was scratching it’s beaks and waving it’s wings.

One peacock was in a very happy mood and she was dancing.

Then we went to see the deer enclosure and after that we visited the giraffe and the elephant enclosures. The elephant trumpeted on seeing us.

Then at a picnic table we sat, to have our lunch from our picnic basket and we all happily sat and munchingly ate the sandwiches, burgers and after that we all had the cold drinks.

There is a sort of small island made inside the zoo, where migratory birds come, we saw the migratory birds too including the pink flamingo.

At the end we saw the bear,hippopotamus and rhinoceros enclosures.The bear would simply roll down and again get up and roll over it’s back.

Before going home we all had a double scoop cone ice cream.

We really enjoyed the day and it was truly a golden day.

I wrote this blog post in a childish manner, as I had visited the zoo as it took me back to my childhood.

We enjoy the visits to the zoo very much as all the animals are in the enclosures and we can roam about, eat , have fun and enjoy.