A Blue Cap And A Bird.

A blue cap nearly four years old,

Was the best friend of its owner.

The owner was named Lilu.

Lilu loved his cap and seldom left it alone.

One day a bird noticed the cap on Lilu’s head and liked it immediately.

The bird followed Lilu home and took a swig at it.

Lilu swooshed the bird away and the next day as he was about to go out, he saw the same bird waiting at his doorstep.

Lilu became cautious and instead if wearing the blue one, he wore a yellow cap.

The bird tried but couldn’t make up his mind on it.

The blue cap was its dream and it would remain to be.

Few days later the bird found a blue cap lying on the street and flew away with it.

But as much as it would try the cap would not fit his head.

The bird kept the cap neat and clean in its nest.

One day it managed to wear it.Since that day

it has been wearing the cap daily.


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