A Big Pledge Against Ice Cream.

A boy aged about nine years,

Was angry with his sister for not sharing her ice cream with him.

He was grumpy enough to make all sorts of complaints against her to their parents.

He launched the protest by not attending his online classes and soon his antics went up.

When he saw that his antics were of no avail,

He made a big pledge to his parents that never again would he have ice cream.

His sister tried, but couldn’t talk to him as he wouldn’t reciprocate.

Atlast, she bought four boxes of ice cream for him from her pocket money.

Seeing those ice cream boxes his pledge seemed slipping.

He remained adamant. His sister went and hugged him and said -“I am sorry, I will always share my ice creams with you”.

He was startled for he knew he was wrong in complaining against her to his parents and the stiff ice within his heart on the form of emotions melted and tears streamed down his eyes and he too promised to her sovereignly that never would he be hankering after things that didn’t belong to him.

The ice cream did remain a sore point but he became a better boy.


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