A big hole in the net

Ma was four years old, she asked her father to tell her a long story. He was shaving his beard at that time, so while shaving his unique and magnificent beard, he started telling her a long story.

Once upon a time, a farmer used to grow a big and nice rice crop, but every time during harvest, a pack of birds mostly sparrows, would come and eat nearly half of his harvest away, resulting him in losing his harvest and as well as a good chink of money. So this time he was very cautious and during the harvest period he waited for the birds to come and they would arrive, just before the day the rice crop was ready for harvest and this made the farmer a lot more angrier. So he waited patiently and this time also the birds arrived,the day before the rice crop was ready for harvest and as soon as they arrived on the rice crop, the farmer threw a big net over the whole field and thus entrapping them. At once they started making all sorts of chirping noises as if they were protesting this high handed injustice, but the farmer was in no mood to relent and he didn’t remove the net.The birds were constantly making noises like-“chiirrrr,chiiirrr.chaail,chaaik.”They were saying-“free us you dumbo” to the farmer. The farmer simply ignored them.

At the evening, the farmer’s wife pleaded to her husband, on behalf of the birds to release them, but the farmer simply chuckled and said “no”. His wife went on arguing, but still he said no and thus they were arguing like this and in the meanwhile, the birds made a big hole in the net as they were constantly scratching the net and biting it and the net’s wiring tore off and off they went one after the another, like this-fuurrr,fuurrr (fuurr is the sound of a single bird flying away from the net) .

It went on like this-




Then my mother asked her father-“after fuurrr what,Baba?”

My grandfather replied-“Fuurr”,”Fuurr”

My mother asked him again-“Baba, after fuurr what happened?” She was very interested in knowing the rest of the story.

My grandfather-“Fuurr and fuurr”

He turned towards ma and again said-“Fuurr”

My ma had asked him for a long story and she got this one.Only fuurr,fuurr and fuurr.

Ma was very innocent and the next day she went to her father asked him-“Baba, please tell me the end of that story, which you told me yesterday.”

He replied-“fuurr,fuurr” and he went on like this.

This was the end of the story.

When I was small, Ma used to tell me a lot of stories and she became tired telling me loads and loads of stories and then she told me this story one night and I rolled off laughing and giggling and went straight to sleep and I still demand more stories from her.