I Have Seen.

I have seen my children all alone.

I have seen my mother all alone.

I have seen my father all alone,

And tense over the economy.

Breaking his head over the fact,

That how to manage it all?

I have seen my maternal grandfather,

Standing strong and tall,

Standing up for the family,

Standing up for my parents.

But, I can’t see myself.

Infront of a mirror,

I can’t stand always.

There are so many thoughts,

So much brightness,

And so much darkness,

That it’s all murky,

To what it all stands so far.

The hue to which it all goes,

Is a colour,

Which is known yet unknown.

I see it all,

But I can’t see myself.

But I have seen,

The pain which we all have endured.

For it isn’t subtle,

Neither is gain,

And nor is pain.


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