The Smaller Boy.

Little Anthony was a small boy,

Who used to ride a bicycle.

His mother had gifted him one,

And for him, it was fun.

Little Anthony,

Would go to the market on the bicycle,

With his mother walking by his side.

There he met a smaller boy,

Who was younger to him,

But had a larger bicycle.

Soon,Anthony was facinated by it,

And asked his mother for a bigger bicycle.

Lily, his mother, gently said no to him

Anthony understood and didn’t ask for it again.

After two years, one day when Anthony returned home,

Lily gave a shout”Surprise” and opened the door for him.

There was a bigger cycle and a cricket set waiting for him.

Anthony was very happy seeing both of his gifts,

And went out to play with them.

But, he has grown up now to the age of thirty,

And has two kids aged four and three,

Yet his old cycle, the one which Lily brought for him first is with him.

He cleans it regularly and has kept a teddy bear on its seat.

Lily is now aged 55,

His dad is aged about 60,

But his first bicycle remains evergreen for him.


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