One Drop Of Love.

One drop of love.

Can it be synthesised?

One drop of love,

It’s very infinite.

One drop of love,

Is very divine.

One drop of love,

Can make you kind.

One drop of love,

Is more than what we can expect these days.

One drop of love,

Can make you see the eternal bliss.

One drop of love,

Will save multitudes from various twists.

One drop of love,

Is as priceless as any priceless artifact,

But if you add two – three more drops of it,

Then surely you would see love grow.

If you measure it any measurable instrument,

Then the end result wouldn’t be three or four drops but in buckets full of it.

But there is only one condition to it.

The drop of love which you have added,

It should be true,

Otherwise the end result will be zero minus zero equals to zero.

Be careful with it,

Even a drop of it,

Is very hard to find,

Except from mother, father and God.


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